I had been doing preliminary clinical trials in the holistic veterinary clinic where I work, on a new form of vibrational healing ointment, based on the principles of bio-energy. The ointment appears to act effectively, rapidly, gentry on the body, and is an excellent analgesic, relieving pain in both animals and people. This article discusses the history, principles, treatment uses of this less frequently used modality, which is based upon the ancient art and science of crystal healing. Some case reports are presented.

The mineral kingdom is used medicinally in various forms, including homeopathic remedies, where the minerals are diluted and potentized. Pure uncut crystals, especially clear quartz, are used to store and release energy and to facilitate healing. Many minerals in the form of gemstones have healing properties, and have been worn through the centuries for the benefit of the wearer; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The history of the use of minerals and gemstones in healing dates back to the legendary times of Atlantis, where it is said the use of all types of crystals was much more widely spread than in medicine today. The source of information about the use of crystals in this great mythological civilization has been made available in various books , and whether or not it is pure conjecture that some places actually existed, the mineral kingdom is still a largely untapped resource that deserves extra investigation. It is said that minerals and crystals were a much used form of healing in Atlantis, and it is also said that they were used on a more physical level rather than at the etheric level favored by later civilizations. There was historically a dichotomy between holistic medicine using plants, minerals and nutritional therapies, and more allopathic type of medicine, that is clearly paralleled in the present time, and crystals were widely used by holistic healers.

According to various historic sources, gemstones were used in ancient Egypt to balance the body of both humans and animals. Different stones were used, depending on the problem, to balance chakras in the body and cure various diseases. Gem elixirs were commonly used, which are similar to homeopathic preparations and flower essences in their preparation, but differ subtly on an energetic level. Minerals were also used in the form of various creams and ointments, and were applied to the body directly, as well as using the energy of crystals in the pure form, both cut and uncut.

They were also used decoratively in a symbolic manner. Healing with minerals was also used in the treatment of animals in ancient Babylon, Native America, China, and India, as well as other ancient civilizations’ such as Greece. Gemstones were used to decorate animals, and symbolism was important. However, the gemstones that were used were usually chosen to enhance certain attributes and skills of the animals; for example to enhance the senses in hunting animals, or to modify behavior in pets. This is the way many people use crystals today, both for themselves and their animals.

Gemstones have also been found embedded in the skulls of some animals, usually of wealthy owners, presumably for healing purposes. Minerals were also used in conjunction with acupuncture points in the East, similar to the way that some practitioners inject acupuncture points with various solutions, including flower essences and homeopathic remedies.

The Native Americans used gemstones in their medicine, as well as in their crop growing. So it is clear that the use of the mineral kingdom in healing has a long and varied history, and is well worth investigating further as a new and relatively little used holistic modality.

The development of a topical cream to facilitate healing and remove pain, has its roots back in ancient times, and has been used through the ages in various forms.

Homeopathic remedies, flower essences and gemstones all work on the energy of the body and affect the vital force in various, but differing ways. It is well known that crystals have the ability to store, transmute and transmit energy, and this ability has been used in the development of various technologies, using primarily the quartz crystal, such as in electronic equipment. Minerals have a crystalline structure that is solidified energy, which varies in composition, thereby producing many types of stones, from diamonds to granite.

The geometric forms have been classified into seven categories, which affect the body in different ways. Animals and people are also composed of electromagnetic energy and therefore can be affected by the energy of the mineral in various ways. The specific effects of various crystals, minerals and gemstones on the body has been well documented and each one has a particular quality and a specific effect on the body. Healers of both people and animals have used this fact to bring about healing, most commonly using quartz crystals, to store and amplify their own inherent healing energies. But, as mentioned above, minerals have also been used to heal in the form of homeopathic remedies, gem elixirs, ingested powders, and have also been used topically, applied to the body on the form of various pastes and powders.

Since different crystals, especially quartz crystals, have the ability to transform, transmit, and store various energies, it therefore follows that when applied to the body in these different ways, they are able to absorb negative energy that might cause imbalances and disease, or to transmit healing energy to allow the body to balance and heal itself. When applied specifically to the chakra system or to acupuncture points, this effect can be amplified and used to enhance the healing process, and bring about balance to the body.

The bodies of animals are a complex bio-energetic system composed of physiological systems, the nervous systems, the acupuncture meridian systems, the chakra and nasi systems, that together shape and form the physical body. Beyond that are the etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies, which can be demonstrated by Kirlian photography. Crystals have the ability to bring about order to these bodies and act in a similar way to magnets, in generating an etheric field analogous to a magnetic field which balances subtle energies. The effects of crystals on the body can be compared to those of homeopathic remedies and flower essences but each system actually affects the body at a slightly different levels. Homeopathy acts upon the physical and etheric bodies in most cases, by acting as a stimulus to the vital force to allow it to correct itself.

At higher potencies beyond 50M, the effects may also extend right up to the causal body. Flower essences act less upon the physical body, (though the effects may filter down to the physical), and more upon the etheric body, and beyond, and thus are used to treat more emotional and spiritual problems. Crystals, especially when prepared as elixirs, or similar preparations, act somewhere in between, affecting the etheric body up to the mental body, and having more effects upon the physical body than flower essences.

In summary then, the animal body is composed of a complex multidimensional system of bioenergetics energies, that can be acted upon by crystals, as well as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, acupuncture and other forms of vibrational medicine. Crystals have a complex geometric structure that has the ability to store, transmute, and transmit energy, therefore when they are applied to the body in various ways the body can use this energy to balance itself, and thus healing can be brought about.

Crystals can be used in many ways to affect the energies of the body, as mentioned above, including in the pure form, both cut and un-cut. Animals can be given crystals to wear, in order to keep them balanced, as many people use them. Different types of quartz crystals, and other gemstones, are said to have differing effects on the body, and can be selected accordingly for the needs of the patient. Beyond that healers can use crystals to transmit, amplify, and store their own healing energies, such as Reiki, and other forms of direct laying-on of hands healing, which can and has been used effectively in the treatment of both animals and people. Dr. Gloria Dodd did a lot of work in the use of healing crystals in animals and developed an energizing pet halter using different types of quartz crystals, in various configurations which she has found to be most effective.

The effects of the harness has been demonstrated scientifically with Kirlian photography and the electromagnetic field is seen to be increased around the toes of the animal, as well as balancing of the acupuncture meridians. Crystals can also be used to clear and scan the aura, and to balance the chakra system, in both animals and people. They can be used to provide energy to areas of injury and to allow healing and pain relief, extremely rapidly, as the energy required by the body to heal itself is augmented and amplified by the energy of the crystals.

When crystals are prepared in the form of an ointment the energy is present in a medium that is easy to apply to the body, and the increased surface area of the mineral panicles may even lead to an increase in effective healing ability. Such a preparation is applied directly onto the body, and gently rubbed in. Even though animals have a hair coat, it is not necessary to have the ointment in contact with the skin, as it is the energy of the formula that is producing the healing effects on the body. I have found that most animals do not seem to mind this particular preparation, and it can even be applied under a light bandage, if necessary.

The most effective use I have found is as an analgesic and healing agent in acute injuries, where the response has been extremely rapid. This is presumably due to the fact that the formula is acting on an energetic level, and the body is able to respond very quickly to this. There seems to be pain relief, decreased inflammation, and increased healing, which fits in with the model described above, based upon the transfer of healing energy to the body, and removal of negative energy from the body.

It has been used effectively in fractures, and in some cuts and sores that have been as a result of injury to the body, and I have found that infection is reduced, and the wounds heal more rapidly than one might otherwise expect. In people this particular preparation has been effective in many conditions, including headaches, which I can testify to myself. It appears to be most effective when applied to the related chakra at the same time, as well as to the condition that is present. So, for example, if there is a problem in the abdominal area, the cream should also be rubbed into the solar plexus area, which is the third chakra of the body, in most bio-energetic systems of energy. It is worth considering this approach in animals too, and the chakra system of animals has been documented and described’. The etheric energy of the body has been measured by such people as Dr. Reinhold Voll, as well as visualized by Kirlian photography.



A medium sized mix-breed dog was presented at the clinic after a road traffic accident with a severe comminuted fracture of the left femur, with a great deal of swelling and bruising around the site of the injury. She was clearly in a lot of pain, was very uncomfortable, and unwilling to move at all. The swelling was so severe that it pitted when light pressure was applied, and the leg was bright purple in color and severely contused. Radiographs were taken, and surgery was performed, using an intramedullary pin and two cerclage wires, to repair the fracture, and the wound was sutured up. Then the bio-energy ointment was applied over the wound and the areas of bruising. Three hours later the dog was much more comfortable, and had actually turned around in the cage, and was lying on the fractured limb.

That evening she seemed pain free and ate and drank normally. The next day the swelling had gone down considerably, and interestingly was less swollen in the areas where more ointment had been applied. Two weeks later the leg looked completely normal, and she was walking on it normally. The response was much more rapid than expected, and analgesia was very effective, and the healing of the fracture seemed to be accelerated compared to similar cases treated without the ointment. Six week later the pin was removed, and the dog appeared normal, with no lameness present. The immediate response to the application of the cream was most dramatic, and since that time I have used it in similar cases of acute injury.


Another dog, a four month old puppy, was referred to me, also with a fracture of the femur, which had occurred three weeks previously. A splint had been applied, and the fracture was comminuted and very hard to pin or plate. After a second splint was applied, five days prior to my examination, the leg had begun to swell, and the foot was extremely swollen and edematous. The dog was not weight bearing on the limb, was in a lot of pain, lying around, looking extremely depressed, and not eating. The splint was taken off, and the ointment applied over the entire leg. Thirty minutes later the swelling of the foot had gone down completely, the sore areas that had been present under the bandage were much less inflamed, and the dog started to behave more normally. He began to roll around and try to play, and was almost immediately able to walk on the fractured right leg.

The next day, after a temporary splint was applied overnight the dog was walking and running on the leg, appearing to be happy and cheerful, and was back to his normal self, as he was before the fracture had taken place, according to the owner. The splint was left off permanently and he was even trying to jump over walls a few days later, and had to be confined in another area, to prevent further damage. Again, in this case the response was more rapid than might have been expected, and the animal also reverted rapidly back to his normal self and behavior. The analgesic properties were evident almost immediately, and the swelling went down much more quickly than similar cases I have treated.


A six month old medium short haired cat was presented with a case of miliary dermatitis and acute moist dermatitis of the neck that had been present for several days. The rash was presumed to be due to a flea allergy. The open sore on the neck was red and inflamed, and a serous exudate was evident. The cats was scratching frequently, and the entire neck area was also inflamed with a miliary rash and other areas of alopecia and inflammation. The ointment was applied twice daily to the affected areas, and no other treatment was given. After one day there was much less redness and inflammation in these areas, and they had begun to dry up and scab over.

By the second day new skin had begun to appear, and after three to five days the sores were dried up, and much smaller than before. The neck was less inflamed, and the cat was scratching less, though she still had fleas. Several other cats, with similar symptoms have also been treated with this regimen, and have improved without exception, and it appears the ointment does facilitate healing, very gently and effectively.


The use of crystals, though unorthodox, has been used in many cultures throughout history, and has been effective in both people and animals. The development of a new way of using this effective form of bio-energetic medicine, in a way that is both easy to use and apply, without any knowledge of crystal healing, should be a welcome addition to holistic treatment, and vibrational medicine in both people and animals.


While the crystal healing ointment reviewed in this article is no longer available, there are other ones out there and other ways to use crystals as part of the healing process, and would encourage further reading of the links below to find out more.

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Reprinted with permission and copyright: Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, November – January, 1996, Vol 14, No 4.

Dr. Anna Maria Wolf is a holistic veterinarian, based in Washington State, and practices acupuncture and homeopathy, herbology and other holistic modalities. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her teenager and a lot of rescue animals including one dog, six cats, four goats,  guinea-pigs, two cockatoos, a donkey, a horse, a flock of chickens, geese and a dozen rescue ducks and several reptiles.