I am now carrying VRS products including Omega 3 products – because they are third party tested and using clinical trials to back up their products. please ask me about their products and how to switch over!

VRS only offers safe, natural evidence-based products that are researched and validated by their internationally recognized Veterinarian Scientific Advisory Board. In order to ensure their products are properly dosed to receive the best clinical outcomes, our products can only be purchased with a Veterinarian’s recommendation. READ MORE HERE!

I sell various products including Vetriscience, homeopathic remedies and custom flower remedies and i also work with standard process and Chinese herbs from several companies. Please contact me directly to order or reorder supplements.

To set up a consultation for your animal please contact me and i can recommend the best protocol for your animal or visit my consultation page.

To reorder products directly please email me at doctorwolf@petsynergy.Com

You can also order some other products here:

Please note this is a link to an external website and not products I necessarily stock in my office. If you have any questions about specific recommendations please email me directly. Some supplements that I do recommend and use are available on the site so I have a link to it for your convenience. I do not endorse all products or foods on the website.

For Standard Process and regular orders please order directly from me as normal via email, or phone if that is not an option – if you are an existing client and would like to order refills directly from me nothing has changed and please place your order just as before. Thank you! You can also order here:



Snail Mail:
Anna Maria Wolf MA Vet. MB
PO Box 31
Brinnon, WA 98320


PAY FOR CONSULTATIONS at PAYPAL to (see Consultation Page for details) or I can email a PayPal invoice when we talk and go to Consultations for more information. Or just Contact Me to set up an appointment. I accept checks, cash, PayPal and most major credit cards or you may send a check or money order to the address listed. For further information on products and services please contact me directly or visit the links on my site. Thank you!