Dr. Gardner gave my cat Gigi ONE oral treatment that dissolved a painful lump on her shoulder in ONE day! Gigi had received a vaccination several years prior and it had always hurt her. I was so thankful that the painful lump so quickly and easily disappeared! Barbara Giberson 


Dr Anna Maria Gardner is an excellent holistic Veterinarian! She helped my cats with tinctures for pre and post dental surgery. The difference in healing and comfort post surgery was amazing. No pain meds needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for health consultation for their animals. I live across the US and found working with Dr. Gardner very helpful. Vivian Myers22


Words cannot describe how much I appreciate and trust Dr. Gardner. She has been caring for my many pets for over 20 years. Her excellent care allowed me to spend decades more with my pets than I ever thought possible. She is the best! Michelle Spinell, Dallas, Texas


Dr. Anna Maria Gardner’s vet care is extraordinary! She has helped give a quality life to many of my elderly and special needs rescue dogs. I could not continue my mission to adopt senior and special needs dogs without her. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their vet. She has been our vet for 16+ years. I am grateful for her outstanding quality of care and dedication to her patients. Crystal King, Plano,Texas22

Dr. Anna has been a veterinarian for our Airedales for many many years. She is a lover of animals and she is an excellent veterinarian, very knowledgeable in both traditional and alternative practices, and she is always compassionate. When she comes to see us, our dogs are delighted to see her: they never forget her. Tails wagging, they rush to greet her and stand comfortably while she looks them over; I think they know as much as we do about how much she does for their health and well being. Joyce Miller, Dallas, Texas22

I have known Dr. Gardner for almost 18 years. We met when I had the privilege of working with Dr Gardner for over 3 years with our dog who had mast cell cancer and diabetes. Dr Gardner was able to help us give her quality of life, dignity, and strength for all of that time right until the end. She taught us how to care for her and gave us confidence. The skills Dr Gardner taught us were invaluable. Her empathy and caring at the worst of times were irreplaceable. When we got our new puppies, without question we knew how we wanted to care for them, and went back to Dr Gardner for their lifelong care. Celia F.W, Port Townsend22

I took my Schipperke Moe in as a puppy w/a broken paw. Moe loved her and he “selected” her as his Godmother. Dr. Gardner has helped me with many cats and dogs during the years: she has been there to support my animals–and me!–during the good times and the bad times. Thank you for helping my children and giving them an energy-filled life. (Moe, Sassy, Luna, Izzy, Prissy, Sable, Timmy, Spatz, Jerry, Marcus, Butch, Little Guy, Bum, Blue, Coconut Grove, Hershey, Gwendolyn, Bud, Mikey, Beaner, Bernie and Teddy) Deb Decker, Arlington, Texas22

Anna gave expert and very helpful advice on keeping my sick cat healthy and alive. My cat lived years longer than any of my local vets predicted thanks to her. Anna provides solid holistic advice you won’t find easily from most vets. Scott Keister, California22

Anna Maria Gardner is the most dedicated, professional, and experienced vet that I have ever known…..and I have known her for sixteen plus years…. and I have ten Maltese that will also profess as well! Ron King, Plano, Texas22

Dr Gardner has been supporting the health and well being of my furry little family for 10+ years. I always recommend her holistic approach to everyone who has a pet in need. I love her and so do my pets. Melinda Olson, Sequim22

I have had the honor of knowing and working with Dr. Gardner for many years now. She is an outstanding vet, beautiful human being, and I trust her advice and direction 100%. I have sent numerous people her way, and hope they have been able to help their dear animals with her expertise and sensibilities. Susan. E, San Juan Island22

Dr Gardner has always been there for my dog in a heartbeat. So grateful for her and her knowledge. She has helped us tremendously. I encourage anyone to use her services. Sherri Dunn, Brinnon22

What a wonderful site and Dr. Gardner is the best! Well worth the consults. You will learn so much on how to give your babies the best supplements and food. I just wish she lived on the East Coast!! Ha! Ha! Thanks again for all you do and your compassion for the Animal Kingdom. Deborah L. Albritton, North Carolina22

Our dog Shorty is looking so much better today. In just 24 hours the swelling under his neck is already 75% reduced, his whites are whiter, he is more energetic and even “smiling” more. It is so reassuring to have a licensed vet in Brinnon that is not just a pill pusher (but can and will administer antibiotics and vaccines when required/requested) but a real animal healthcare professional interested in keeping our pets healthy the same way we keep healthy and one that makes house calls! Thanks for being here and confirming what I knew, reminding me what I forgot and informing on what I didn’t know. David Boone, Brinnon, WA22

She has provided excellent care to my pets a number of times. Susan Parker, Port Townsend, Washington 22


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