Our Pets


Boe is my daughter’s dog and she was born in 2008, and we have had her since she was born, as a litter from my rescue dog at the time. She is part Australian Shepherd, and is very agile and energetic, and a very happy dog, she likes to play with balls and can leap over anything, but loves to be with people and playing. She would be great at agility and is very like my daughter and they are good companions for each other.

Hope is Boe’s littermate and was the runt of the litter so we bottle fed her and kept her because she has some health issues, she is very quiet and sweet and totally different from her sister Boe, although they are devoted to each other and never apart.  



Yin is Celeste’s cat and has been with her since Celeste was two. Not many cats love toddlers but Yin has been Celeste’s protector since we adopted her as a kitten and devoted to Celeste ever since then! When Celeste cried she would always come running and purrs constantly. A sweeter cat for a child you really could not wish for!


We adopted Sylvester from a local kitten rescue, he is very sweet and happy, and loves to play and retrieve toys like a dog. We originally went to get one kitten but came home with two, but they keep each other busy and are great fun!  

Leo came from the same place as Sylvester but is much more timid and scared and probably was abused before he was taken to the rescue and adopted to us. He is very quiet and sweet and it has taken him a long time to settle down and learn to trust. He is especially scared of men but has settled down a lot. He is also very playful and fun though much more nervous than his adoptive brother. He likes to sit on my lap when I do phone consultations and am at my computer. 

Red is almost seventeen years old and belonged to my former office manager, and friend, Nancy, who passed away a few years ago. He has lived with us since that time and has done well but I can tell he misses Nancy still. He is a hunter though has had to adjust to being inside unless we are out with him, he is very proud and independent and does not like the other cats or dogs too much, except for Princess Caraboo who came with him originally. When he lived in Dallas he was quite the adventurer and once brought a rooster in through his cat door in the middle of the night. He has settled down since then fortunately! 

Princess Caraboo lives up to her name and is really a princess! She would prefer to be the only cat and only tolerates Red, her brother. She is a very regal and sweet cat and misses Nancy a lot too. She does like Celeste and likes to be petted. Caraboo is part Maine Coon and has a beautiful coat and is a very elegant cat indeed. 


Poppy is the kitten we adopted after we moved into our new house and she came into our lives to help us heal. She is very affectionate and funny, and a strong personality and came into our lives at the perfect time. We had named our property Poppy Hill Farm and after we adopted Poppy from the local shelter we were trying to think of a name, as it had just said three kittens. We looked down at the paperwork and her name was Poppy already. So we knew she was the kitten we were meant to have at Poppy Hill Farm.


Chloe is our barn cat, who was written into the contract for the property. She is an older Calico cat and has lived here all her life, since she was quite feral the previous owners did not feel she would make a long move, and so she came to us with the house. She is very shy, but sweet and gets along well with Red who also likes to be outdoors, as he was used to before I adopted him.


Bella Mia is an Arabian mare, who just turned seven in 2012, she also came from a Rescue and was left there when she was a foal, though is a pure Arabian. She is very sweet and affectionate and we have been working hard training her and riding her a lot. She is very smart and learns quickly though can be fearful so we have been working with that a lot, and getting her used to a lot of different things and situations.



Isabella is a nine year old donkey we adopted in 2014 as a companion to my horse Bella Mia. She is a gentle soul and had a hard life before, now Bella Mia and Isabella are devoted to each other and very happy in our new home. Isabella is smart and funny and sweet and has been a sweet addition to our animal family, and we are very glad we were able to adopt her.



Solo is an African Grey parrot who came from a Parrot Rescue in Texas, he is quite a character, and definitely rules the household, including the cats. He has an extensive vocabulary and a wicked sense of humor and likes to dance and listen to loud music, as well as whistle the dogs and tell Celeste she will be late for school!



Capricorn is an Oberhasli buck who is very gentle and kind. He helps mow the lawn and hangs out with his companion April, the doe.


April is feisty and more mischievous than Capricorn, which is probably better since she is the female and bucks can be more difficult. Both are very tame and friendly and love people almost as much as they like to eat anything and everything.



Theodore is a male muscovy duck, he is kind of a bully but devoted to his mate Alice and stands guard over her while she nests.


Alice is a younger female Muscovy duck who likes to talk and whistle and can fly all too well, she is very sweet and friendly.



Violet is a female Toulouse Goose, she was a rescue and sat on her infertile eggs for two months in the Spring, she did not hatch any eggs, though we did get some fertile eggs from a friend and was kind of lonely so we found her a mate.


Vincent is Violet’s young mate, he is very nervous and funny, and adjusting to life at Poppy Hill Farm. They bonded instantly and are already a pair and Violet is happy once again.



We have sixteen hens, one chick and two roosters, this is Clawdene my personal chicken who was very sick as a pullet, I nursed her through, and she enjoyed quite a lot of bedtime stories in the house until she was well, and is very attached to me and talks to me a lot, maybe recounting chicken bedtime stories or asking why humans cross the road. The other chickens are Christina, Natalie, Margaret, Liberty, Glory, Bell, Star, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Elsa, Peep, Taffy, Derpy the chick and the roosters Don and Justice.