Celeste at 4 Years Old

Celeste turned four on January 19th and celebrated her birthday with cake and presents. She is growing up fast, and goes to a little Montessori preschool once or twice a week, while Mummy sees clients, which she enjoys very much. She loves animals, and toys, and learning to read, and is still very active and energetic. She likes to bounce on the rebounder and climb on everything and is learning to swim too. She is about 41 inches tall and weighs 36 lbs and is going through a growth spurt right about now. She had a fun birthday and is looking forward to seeing friends and family in Texas and UK in February and March. She loves to say things like:

  • “You have a good sense of human”
  • “Why do you have a modem in your car?” (Motor…)
  • “I made a delicious Stew-dent to eat…” I hope she meant stew!
  • In the pool: “Help I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking…”
  • To her Mummy: “You are a nice little woman, Anna….”
  • At the State Capitol: “Look it´s a PALACE!”

birthday41.jpg (46649 bytes)

birthday42.jpg (49986 bytes)

birthday44.jpg (57243 bytes)

birthday45.jpg (57597 bytes)

I like cats!

hat.jpg (80408 bytes)

And hats!

scientist.jpg (29187 bytes)

I am a scientist.

dressing.jpg (70536 bytes)

I can dress myself!

snowhat.jpg (61494 bytes)

And relax sometimes too!

map.jpg (80533 bytes)

I can read a map!

skippy.jpg (55580 bytes)

And a book!

valentines.jpg (72060 bytes)

Valentines Day with my Valentine Cat!

birthday.jpg (70042 bytes)

In UK with my Nan-Nan, Mummy and Aunt Sara.

cookie.jpg (48261 bytes)

I like Cookies!

yin2.jpg (67785 bytes)

I love my cat best!

celeste0408.jpg (69813 bytes)

Picking Flowers for Mummy.

portrait.jpg (63469 bytes)

After my jam sandwich!

puppywalk.jpg (91113 bytes)

Another way to walk the dog!

maestro.jpg (48806 bytes)

I like music too!

cmay08.jpg (38261 bytes)

Dressing Up is always fun!

5kids.jpg (30753 bytes)

With my big brothers and sister at my older brother’s wedding.

mwed2.jpg (66249 bytes)

With my nieces.

celestemay08.jpg (93686 bytes)

Enjoying the warm weather.

upsidedown.jpg (59850 bytes)

Everything is upside down!

candid1.jpg (57025 bytes)

With my cousins in the car!

ccamera2.jpg (41353 bytes)

I like photographs too!

june087.jpg (48268 bytes)

I AM a cat!

cjune2.jpg (116865 bytes)

I am on top of a tree!

boe.jpg (30697 bytes)

With my Puppy Boe.

beachjune08.jpg (64247 bytes)

At the beach!

pictures.jpg (44996 bytes)

Look at MY pictures!

celeste3.jpg (48013 bytes)

My new hair style!

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