Celeste at 3 Years Old

Celeste turned three on January 19th and was very excited about it, especially her birthday cake! She had a party with her cousin who is 2 days younger and they had fun. Celeste is now 38 inches and weighs almost 32 lbs and is very active and agile. She talks a lot and has a great sense of humor, and loves animals especially her Siamese kittens Yin and Yang. She loves books and is very interested in words and letters. She likes to sing and dance, and she is very energetic and spirited. She had her first hair cut on January 18th before her birthday and she looks a little older and tidier too. Celeste’s favorite thing to do is play and eat, and play with her cats according to her. She also likes Diego the Animal Rescuer. She claims she wants to be a cat when she grows up or an animal rescuer.birthday071.jpg (52326 bytes)

cake2.jpg (70872 bytes)

Birthday Cake

cake.jpg (61754 bytes)

Do we wear it or eat it?

glasses.jpg (43074 bytes)

Now we just need the sun.

jan18th.jpg (43100 bytes)

My new hair cut.

haircut.jpg (44122 bytes)

Trying out different styles.

diego.jpg (58715 bytes)

I want to be an Animal Rescuer.

pcceleste.jpg (63873 bytes)

Checking my email!

laundry.jpg (52097 bytes)

Look what came in with the laundry.

rockgarden.jpg (114945 bytes)

My rock garden.

zoo072.jpg (93711 bytes)

I can be like Mummy.

zoo07.jpg (120595 bytes)

At the zoo.

mar071.jpg (63718 bytes)

Sleeping with Yin.

zoomar.jpg (69907 bytes)

At the zoo again – its not real!

celmar07.jpg (51969 bytes)

Looking serious.

celmar072.jpg (92034 bytes)

At the beach.

computer.jpg (63546 bytes)

Using the computer.

easter.jpg (116248 bytes)

Easter egg hunt – mmmmm!

sleeping.jpg (62423 bytes)

Sleeping with Yin.

celestejune071.jpg (69130 bytes)

At my playschool.

celestejune072.jpg (38152 bytes)

Its enthralling!

celestejune073.jpg (50291 bytes)

Snack Time.

celestejune074.jpg (50941 bytes)

Mmm. Playdough!

celestejun075.jpg (79128 bytes)

My graduation!

beach2.jpg (84269 bytes)

At the beach.

pokegirl2.jpg (55501 bytes)

I come from Pokemon….

beach1.jpg (71236 bytes)

Sleeping on a log.

celestejuly07.jpg (44503 bytes)

Sleeping like a log.

celeste078.jpg (58140 bytes)

With McKenna.

celestesept07.jpg (65500 bytes)

On a log, again!

beach074.jpg (71326 bytes)


celeste077.jpg (138756 bytes)

My mouse-house!

beach155.jpg (65417 bytes)

With Mummy at the Beach!

celeste079.jpg (108051 bytes)

In my fairyland.

pink1.jpg (32229 bytes)

Am I smelling it or eating it?!

october83.jpg (93100 bytes)


octo071.jpg (113904 bytes)

In the woods.


143oct.jpg (112301 bytes)

With My Mummy and my fur-sister.

xmas1.jpg (55350 bytes)

My New Winter Coat.

celestedec071.jpg (49461 bytes)

On the Beach.

xmas4.jpg (45897 bytes)

Feeling mischievous!

xmas9.jpg (52558 bytes)

My seaweed toy!

xmas10.jpg (53702 bytes)

Out for dinner!

xmas8.jpg (62723 bytes)

Ready for the Holidays!

sleepingoct.jpg (40851 bytes)

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