Celeste at 2 Years Old

Celeste is now twenty seven months and growing fast, and weighs almost 30 lbs and is nearly 36 inches tall. She loves to run and play, as well as climb and jump on anything and everything. Lately she has been learning a lot of songs, and loves to sing in the bath! Like her Mummy she loves books, and likes to be read to, but also likes to ‘read’ to herself too. She has been learning to count too, and talks a lot too. We go to the library and the park, and we like going on short hikes as well as exploring the beach and various museums in the area. All in all two is a very fun age, though learning to be a little person brings its share of tantrums as well! It is a wonderful time to watch so much growing and exploration of the world, and a reminder to slow down and live in the present.

april2web.jpg (96853 bytes)

Look what I made!

april2web2.jpg (106036 bytes)

I like to draw and color.

april2web3.jpg (104411 bytes)

I built a tower.

april2web4.jpg (105381 bytes)

Look no hands!

april2web5.jpg (101845 bytes)

Give me that camera!

april2web6.jpg (136450 bytes)

Asleep with Pooh.

april2web7.jpg (128023 bytes)

In bed with my cousin.

april2web8.jpg (95194 bytes)

Look at my mini-guitar!

april2web9.jpg (109832 bytes)

I got a new hat too.

april2web10.jpg (80763 bytes)

At least I have some hair now!

april2web11.jpg (203401 bytes)

In the garden.

april2web12.jpg (130061 bytes)

With my new hair style!

may06-1.jpg (187763 bytes)

Calling Pooh!

may06-2.jpg (167190 bytes)

Is he in here?

may06-3.jpg (155074 bytes)

Maybe here?

may06-6.jpg (156272 bytes)

Here he is! Stuck again!

may06-5.jpg (111027 bytes)

That was exhausting!

may06-4.jpg (109976 bytes)


maybeach.jpg (172996 bytes)

On the beach

maymandc.jpg (166210 bytes)

On a hike with Mummy

mayhike.jpg (132472 bytes)

maysmiles.jpg (121972 bytes)


junec.jpg (96823 bytes)

On a log.

june6.jpg (207407 bytes)

Hunting for Crabs on the beach.

june5web.jpg (185163 bytes)

I am two and a half!!

augceleste2.jpg (214462 bytes)

Daddy made me a chair.

augceleste.jpg (210265 bytes)

I LOVE the waterfall!

autumnfairy2.jjpg.jpg (128422 bytes)

Elf girl.

celaug.jpg (165756 bytes)

Drumming and playing the flute in the forest.

augceleste4.jpg (177124 bytes)

Yes he really likes me!

celesteaug21.jpg (117965 bytes)

On the beach again.

zoo1.jpg (206584 bytes)

At the zoo.

celesteaug20.jpg (188981 bytes)

At the waterfall.

fishing.jpg (107935 bytes)

Fishing by the pond.

oct061.jpg (38852 bytes)


oct064.jpg (63657 bytes)

In my bike trailer.

celoct3.jpg (51090 bytes)


octcel12.jpg (37487 bytes)

Very tired!

raincoat.jpg (81435 bytes)

Enjoying the rain!

halloweengirl06.jpg (63845 bytes)

Pumpkin girl.

celsnow.jpg (45413 bytes)

In the snow!

celsnow2.jpg (64325 bytes)

“This is my sister” quote by Celeste

daddysboots.jpg (59723 bytes)

Daddy’s boots!

kittensdec.jpg (84703 bytes)

Yin and Yang.

jan07.jpg (50691 bytes)

In the snow, I picked my clothes myself!

celestebw2.jpg (121823 bytes)

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