Celeste at 18 Months

Hi there, I am Celeste. I was 19 months old on August 19th and getting to be a real toddler! I can run and climb everywhere and get into anything and everything! I have 16 teeth and just need 4 more, but need a lot of hair. I know a lot of words and signs, my Mummy has lost count, and am making sentences, and can recognize and say all of the alphabet now, as well as a lot of shapes, and I know a lot of animal noises which is no surprise!


I got a special car with a chauffeur!


Cycling is hard work though!


I got to play with my cousin Hannah.


I can make funny faces…


Like this one too…


I can even growl like a tiger!


Lucky I can look cute too!


I like to play (err bang) the piano…


Sleeping Peacefully

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19 Months

sept3.jpg (141129 bytes)

So what can I get into next?

sept4.jpg (171545 bytes)

Asleep with my unicorn and fairy!

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Mmmm! Banana!

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Reading my book!

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So many places to go!

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Mmmm! Delicious!

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Must take toys!

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So who really runs PetSynergy?!

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My new dress!

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Back to the Drawing Board!

sept15.jpg (168047 bytes)

Look at Me!

sept16.jpg (136954 bytes)

I can shout REAL loud! Trust me!

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Signing I Love You!

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20 months and already driving!

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No hands too!

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At the park!

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21 Months and enjoying Halloween!

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In Dallas with a cat-violin (Mummy says its a Guitar though)

novweb.jpg (98264 bytes)

On my vacation in England!

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22 Months and England is CHILLY!

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In the Pub!

novweb4.jpg (134715 bytes)

On the Airplane!

novweb5.jpg (92252 bytes)

In the Airport!

bdayweb2.jpg (102626 bytes)

I’m TWO!!!

birthdaytwo2.jpg (100438 bytes)

bike.jpg (134512 bytes)

I got a tricycle!

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I like to do play-doh and stickers!

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I like to dress up!

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Riding my unicorn on the bed!

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At the beach – 26 months today!

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