Celeste as a baby

Celeste as a Baby.

Celeste was born in 2004 on January 19th which was 9 days after her due date, but on her own schedule, and was born totally naturally after a great deal of effort on both our parts!  She decided to arrive on Martin Luther King Day (not his birthday) and has a great astrological chart with a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Scorpio Ascendant. I am sure this was the perfect day for her to be born. After being in pre-labor and early active labor for 36 hours she was born 12 hours later. We went home 2 hours after the birth, thanks to hypno-birthing and homeopathic remedies (which helped immensely and I do not think I could have done it without them) as well as my midwife, hypno-birther, and my own determination! 
Celeste was a wonderful baby, very intelligent and alert, and only cried when there was a reason, she slept well at night and is very happy and playful – most of the time! I am greatly enjoying motherhood, and am very honored she chose me to be her mother. Out of the blue two years before her birth I had a dream that I was giving birth all night, and finally a child was born, and she told me her name was Celeste, and said she wanted me to be her mother. Celeste is now eleven years old and continues to be a joy and a source of great learning and growth. Who knew!

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