Thor´s Story

Thor was a stray puppy that was dropped off in a bread bin by a garbage dumpster, at the clinic where I worked, one of many animals left there that we were able to help. He was suffering from severe mange, rickets and hip dysplasia. He was so weak that he could not stand or walk normally but managed to crawl over to the door where he could see people coming and going. At that time, in fact, he looked like he did not have much chance at all of becoming a normal healthy dog. He had no hair and had oozing sores all over him. He looked even worse than in the picture below which was taken after he had been cleaned up a little and eaten some food. His front legs were so weak that they were not straight and his hips were obviously abnormal as he could hardly stand and his hind legs trembled a lot if he stood up.


He was started immediately on a natural diet, with lots of meat and vegetables and was given nutritional supplements for his skin and to strengthen his joints and ligaments. The nutritional supplements included bone meal, garlic and brewers yeast, and some powerful natural supplements designed to build up joints and bones. He was also given a seameal supplement and some blue-green algae to give him some extra nutrition. For the skin he was given a shampoo and a mild dip and some herbal oils, which were rubbed on the skin after he was bathed.


Calendula ointment was also applied to the sores as this helps heal open wounds and is very soothing. The next day the sores had dried up and he was a little more lively. A homeopathic remedy was given, which was Sulfur 30 C, as this is good for skin conditions and mange and seemed to suit his depressed unresponsive mood at that time. He had an excellent response to this remedy and in only a few days was feeling happy and lively and looking more like a puppy should look.


The hair started to grow back and after just a few weeks he had a healthy shiny coat. The more severe hip problems caused by malnutrition also began to improve, although he was initially kept in a small area so he did not overstrain himself. He also had an acupuncture treatment and gradually his limbs became straight and less weak. Soon he could walk and run and play like any other puppy and he began to interact with the other dogs and show his true personality.


By about two months later, the ugly duckling had become a swan and Thor had become a beautiful healthy Rottweiler. He became active and lively and loves to play with the other dogs that he lives with. He was particularly fond of lounging by the pool in his comfortable back yard! He was a very well behaved puppy and has an extremely sweet and gentle nature as you can see by his pictures which he would love you to look at…he found a wonderful new home and grew into a magnificent dog.



While Thor went onto live a healthy life, in a loving home, I like to keep this story on here as a testament to what holistic care and good nutrition can do, and as a reminder of how people treat animals sometimes, and what we can do to help. Please support local rescues and do what you can and don’t breed irresponsibly! We can all do more to help!