Healing Pets the Natural Way




Doctors across America are now giving new meaning to the term hands on healing. They call it complementary medicine, but their patients say they are the ones who deserve all the praise.

Doctor Anna Maria Gardner is not your average doctor, and the patients she treats are anything but ordinary. Dr. Gardner is a veterinarian in Richardson, Texas. The most interesting part is Dr. Gardner´s method of treatment, she prefers a kinder, gentler alternative, she treats her patients holistically.

“I use acupuncture 50 to 60% of the time and homeopathy they other part of the time, but in conjunction with nutrition and supplements most of the time, as well.”

Dr. Gardner has been treating Tricia Millsap’s Rottweiller, Macy, for chronic neck and back pain. Tricia chose a homeopathic remedy over more extreme, invasive therapy. Both she and Macy seem pleased with the results.

“It is obvious to us she enjoys her acupuncture, and the only explanation for that would be it makes her feel better,” said Tricia.

Dr. Gardner does not dispute the need for conventional medicine. She believes pet owners are tired of medicating their pets and are opting for the alternative. “They see their animals getting sicker because they’re using suppressive drugs and treatment, and they’re just not responding.”

According to Dr. Gardner cats suffering from kidney or renal failure respond well to homeopathic treatment while acupuncture relieves the pain for dogs with arthritis. There is no doubt that Macy is responding to her treatment.

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Dr. Anna Maria Gardner is a holistic veterinarian, based in Washington State, and is certified in acupuncture and homeopathy. She lives in Washington with her daughter, two dogs, seven cats, sixteen chickens, two goats, a donkey, a horse, two ducks, a pair of geese and one bossy parrot.She regularly returns to Texas to treat animals there and maintains a strong connection with her Texan clients and has fond memories of her time in the Lone Star State.